Many Business Owners think that acquiring new customers means creating more advertising campaigns, cold calling and issuing leaflets.

Our targeted approach is different and more effective.

Show Me How To Get More Valuable Customers

To merely stand still every business needs to attract a steady stream of new customers

New Leads Grow your Business.
newleadsUnless you run a charity your business can only survive as long as it sells your products and services. If sales targets are under pressure the future of the business is not certain.
No Leads = No Sales = Declining Business
salesdeclineCustomer attrition happens over time, the economy suffers downturns. Without sufficient sales a business will not build a cash cushion to survive challenging periods and competition.
Achieving sales targets
targetsHaving marketing plans to deliver a steady flow of pre-qualified sales leads is essential for a business to deliver the required sales volumes and hit sales targets.

Fortunately Online Lead Generation has created the opportunity for businesses to grow their sales and reach out to new customers.

But nothing is free and there are MAJOR RISKS in committing to Online Marketing:

Increased Complexity
kchartEach week online lead generation becomes more competitive and complex. Google AdWords, SEO, Video marketing, conversion tracking are becoming more challenging and now there is social media marketing on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.
Analysis Confusion
kexiThere is no recommended approachto being successful online and each week brings more options with confusing messages. It is hard to know which advice you can trust and what your online strategy should be. Your time is better focused upon your business
Snake Oil
man3Most ‘online consultants’ promise much but focus on short term hit-or-miss tactics without understanding your business. You really want a focus on more quality leads, paying customers and higher profits in a well thought out plan rather than the latest tactic.

Most Recommendations Focus on Short Term Tactics… And Not
on an Integrated Customer Focused Lead Generation Strategy

How does Our Approach To Online Lead Generation & Conversion Differ?

search1. We start by understanding your business
Before we recommend a plan and way forward we ensure that we understand your business goals & any challenges you face. Any solution proposed is developed for your business not created by inserting your name into a standard response and template.


package_graphics2. A fine tuned strategy
Traffic generation and conversion plans must be aligned and recognise the unique selling proposition of your business. The best results flow from finding the right potential customers at the right time in their purchase cycle.


kdmconfig3. High Quality Leads
Any traffic generated must be from selected targets who are right for your business, products and services. By focusing your lead generation campaigns on the right type of potential customers we attract new leads who want and can afford to pay what you charge… they are also more responsive to future offers and more valuable long term customers.


kexi4. Business Value Driven
The creation of business value and profit is the most important goal, far more important than a headlong drive to create unqualified visitors. Visitors without valuable sales is wasted money and focus.


xclock5. Taking the load off you
We let you focus on your own priorities. whilst we deliver to highly valuable online leads to you. You are an expert in running your business and the development of an online marketing plan should not suck in your scarce time.


agt_start_here6. Results Driven
Having developed the lead generation plans we retain accountability for the outcomes. Whilst keeping ownership we recognise the responsibility for regularly reporting progress to you and ensuring that developments meet planned timescales.

Our Ambition: To drive targeted and qualified sales leads & ideal long term customers into your business on a regular and controlled basis.

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