Would You Like Me to Personally Help You
Significantly Increase Your Online Business…for FREE?
this is not a hidden or disguised ‘Sales Pitch’…

If the following describes your situation…

  • You make the decisions in your small to medium sized business
  • You are actively considering how to get more leads and grow sales, revenue & profits
  • You want to find establish tested solutions which you can implement without delay
  • You are not hung up on keeping failed strategies and tactics which you have always used
  • Change, and growing your business is one of your main priorities

Then we are a good fit for each other,

If the above this describes you I can review your business and advise how to implement actions to acquire more customers, increased profits and increase your online business free of charge.

It is perfectly feasible for you to significantly increase your profits over the next 12 months by implementing plans initiated by a 45 minute telephone conversation.

Alternatively you can read widely online seeking knowledge on how to grow your online business, speak to any number of product focused consultants and implement a set of plans with a low chance of success.

Our recommendation…

Let my business have a look at your current performance and marketing plans, establish the best profit opportunities and develop a strategy to achieve your potential without charging you for the assessment.

The cost to you – 45 minutes of your time.

The outcome will be a lead generation & customer conversion plan targeted to your business. It will also highlight your optimum target market together with a plan to attract these potential customers and get them to purchase your products and services.

With this approach you will be able to implement plans to grow your online business without wading through imprecise and uncoordinated advice from product salesmen you have previously interacted with.

Most companies we communicate with have online lead generation plans which are uncoordinated and not optimised. A 45 minute telephone call can shine a light on this and point the way forward.

You may ask why am I making this offer

I am passionate about Helping Businesses such as your own, to Develop Effective Online Lead Generation Strategies that SIGNIFICANTLY improve their Sales Revenues in their target Markets.

At the moment there is a good chance that your target market has a meaningful number of potential clients that yiou have not reached but would be very receptive to the marketing approach I will develop with you.

Once you see the quality of our plans there is a strong chance that you will want to become a client

As I am confident about the quality of the lead generation plans my business produces there will be one of two outcomes when you have considered our recommendations:

  • You take the plan and use your existing knowledge to implement it within your business. If this happens I want to remain in contact with you to follow through on the success of the plans you put in place.
  • Alternatively you will see that the most effective way to implement the plan, quickly and successfully, is to become one of our clients. If that is the outcome we will use all our energy to beet your expectations and deliver all the targets and more.

Its as straightforward as that, there is no trick or hidden sales tactics. The best outcome is we work together in partnership to increase your revenue and profit many times over.

If you want to take advantage of this FREE telephone strategy session this is how it will work:

First, using Skype we cover what your business is and how it is performing. This information will allow me to consider what you have, what you’re currently doing, and what you want to achieve online in the future.

Having established this baseline I will help you to develop a strategy and plan of action to rapidly increase your online revenue dramatically.

Not every company is suited to partner with us

We view clients as partners so having an effective partnership is very important to us. These are some of the qualities you need to make this a successful strategy session:

  • You have accepted that online lead generation is important for your business and is an important part of your marketing plans. We work with believers and cannot divert our energy to convince you that online marketing can be very valuable.
  • You promote good-quality products or services which are in demand by customers. (We can channel traffic to your products and services but we cannot create customer demand where it does not already exist)
  • You appreciate that to be successful online you need to follow through on a marketing strategy. If you just want some tactical initiatives implemented there are many other providers who already do that.
  • You believe your business is able to increase its online revenue by 150,000 Pounds over the next year – even if you do not have the knowledge or plans in place to deliver on this, and…
  • Achieving this growth in online revenue is a high priority for your business development at the moment.

If this describes your business we would be delighted to speak to you to review how we can work with you.

And Which companies are you not able to assist in this way?

We are effective but not miracle workers so, as you would expect, there are some types of businesses that we’re not able to help. If any of the following points describe your business we regret that we would not make great partners:

  • If you have recently started your business, do not have a well developed business model or don’t have revenue from existing customers. That is not to say we cannot work together in the future and help your business to grow when the time is right.
  • If the economy has hit your business hard and drastic “turn around” measures are required to regularise the cash flow and cost base. Of course once the situation has been stabilised we may be able to help you to grow from a more solid base.
  • If your business is in MLM or network marketing as they are a bad fit for our approach. And it would just be a bad fit if you were in gambling and those adult type of businesses.
  • If you have not bought into the benefits of online marketing and need to be convinced that it would be beneficial for your business. We don’t devote time and resources convincing businesses of this, the Internet is now a part of all business activities.

No hard feelings if any of the above apply… it just best to recognise that we would not be well suited.

If you’re still excited by this opportunity then the time is here to ask…
“OK, What’s do I do next?”

To move your business forward schedule a FREE, no-obligation Skype Strategy Session by clicking the button below. It leads to a simple form to request the session.

To ensure that the session is effective within the allowed timescale there are a few questions we need answering about your business and your future targets. Using this information we will be able to conduct some analysis and then schedule a time to discuss your options.

Don’t delay – Click on the button below to take advantage of this valuable and risk free offer.


Be Aware: This offer is limited and can be withdrawn at times in the year.

We have to ration the number of businesses we take through this process due to the time we need to invest in thoroughly considering the opportunities and strategic plans that can be developed for a business.

In order to properly focus on our clients and create a quality strategy we need to limit the number of new clients we take on.

There is great pressure on our resources as this type of focused marketing analysis is in large demand and what I am offering is very rare.

So I encourage you to apply for your session today as this opportunity may not be available when you return.