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Marketing Your Online Business


Pay Per Click (P.P.C.)
Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) programs in the major search engines can play an important part in maximising your online sales at a competitive acquisition cost. We are confident that we can help you. We have extensive expertise in using PPC to drive business leads and have generated more than 1 million visitors for our clients, spending over £500k with Google Adwords. You can access that experience today. Read more…
S.M.S. Mobile Marketing
With so many customers having mobile phones and being comfortable with SMS, text messaging is a major opportunity for businesses to build a relationship with their customer base. With higher read and engagement rates than most other forms of marketing this is a major opportunity area for businesses. We can help you to set up a SMS Marketing campaign and grow your online business. Further details…
Q.R. Code Marketing
Many businesses are using QR codes in their promotional activity taking advantage of the benefits that they offer, improving marketing insight and controlling advertising costs. QR code creation, management & analysis can be integrated easily into our business websites. We can create QR Codes to track your marketing activities and determine which marketing materials are the most effective. Read more…
Video Advertising
As the cost of broadband lines has decreased and sites such as YouTube have developed the opportunity for businesses to use video to promote their business has grown. We create new, engaging videos targeted at a product or service you want to to promote enabling your business to take advantage of this modern engaging method of promotion at a very competitive cost.. See an Example…


Setting Up Your Website


Your Web Expert Team

Do you feel that there are opportunities online but your team do not have the knowledge or skills to exploit them. You know that your time is best used building your business, using your current knowledge and experience, rather than being diverted spending hours trying to get your website functioning correctly.Sign up to our assisted web hosting service and treat us as your in-house web experts. A quick pointer in the right direction or hands on help can get your website working to benefit your business without it being a drain upon your time.

Fully Functional Websites

Our websites do more than publish words and pictures. Integrated online functionality in our Premium Web Sites enables you to interact with customers. Contact forms, maps, videos and many more functions can be included. Extended ecommerce functionality like appointment booking is built into our Business Websites.If you wish to migrate your website to us we can move over the content into a new site. Alternatively, if you are setting up a new site we can insert your content into the site, so that you can do the preparation for your first visitors.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people, potential customers, are using a mobile phone to access the internet and search for local businesses. Modern websites need to accommodate visitors using a variety of devices – desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Our Websites are responsive adjusting to the device used ensuring that content can be read regardless of the screen size used.If your business wants to grow online and take advantage of the mobile phone opportunity, stopping turning potential customers away, we can help with our mobile website service.



Adding Advanced Website Features


Online Appointment Booking

Customers expect websites to be richly functional allowing them to interact with a business direct. Rather than publishing a phone number stating “call us today”, allow customers to book appointments with you on your website before they change their mind. You can review the requests and confirm / reject the appointments as you evaluate the information supplied.You can see an example of how this functionality works with our online appointment booking page by following this link.

Ecommerce Shop

Transform your website into a thorough-bred eCommerce store with the addition of our estore. Easily manage digital and physical products and use the system to handle the day to day management of your store. Get a birds-eye view of your online stores performance or drill down to check out reports per month, per product category or even check the performance individual products.Our responsive templates site runs on our ecommerce shop functionality, is able to display our full template catalog and take payments online.

QR Code Management

Marketing can be expensive and it is important to be monitor your expenditure and get value for money. With online marketing you can track and observe customer behavior establishing which creative has the best response, conversion & value creation. QR Codes allow offline marketing to be tracked and analysed allowing businesses to refine their larger offline marketing spend.Our QR Code Marketing Account enables businesses to immediately start using QR Codes and start to make their marketing expenditure more effective.


Attending to the Online Fundamentals


Regular Updates
We use a a state-of-the-art content management system, WordPress, to create your website. Enhanced business capabilities are added through additional plug-ins as you require. Being actively maintained and developed, updates are released regularly to fix any security issues and to add new capabilities. We ensure that your site is updated regularly to keep it safe and secure.
Security Built In
Over and above the platforms inherent security and rigorous programming design we add security features to give that extra touch of security and make your website even more ‘hacker proof’. You want to be confident that your site is secure but do not have the time to research all the parameters you should adjust to achieve this – no worries we take care of this.
As the final backstop, should the unexpected occur, we backup your site and your data every night to a separate secure hosting service, at no extra cost. Your content is too valuable to not be protected, it may have taken years to develop. If your site is hacked, or you just need to recover a recent backup we can do this for you from our rolling 7 day backups.



Helping your business succeed online

We have a range of services that can be tailored to meet your requirements and make your Internet channel successful.

We can also develop a Social Media presence for you so that you can take advantage of the large number of consumers using these social media sites such as Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.

We also offer a low cost consultancy service ranging from advice through to a full review of your current online activities and assessment of your strategic options.

Contact us today to assess the options.

We will be delighted to speak to you and agree how we can help your business succeed on the Internet.