“Is Your Business Operating Well…
But Do You Need More Good Sales Leads to Reach Your Growth & Revenue Targets?”

Many Business Owners think that acquiring new customers means creating more advertising campaigns, cold calling and issuing leaflets. Our targeted approach is different and more effective. Can we talk?

Is this a description of your business?

  • Your products & services are good, but your marketing campaigns are not developing the right leads & paying clients you need to reach your revenue targets.
  • Your online marketing is becoming less effective as you are not able to quickly respond to new developments despite increasing spend in this area.
  • The Web Developers, Google AdWords consultants or SEO experts you have used have not worked together and you have been disappointed with the poor results & accountability
  • You know that online marketing is very important to the future success of your business, but have not found the right strategy & implementation approach.

If any of these pen pictures seem familiar, you’re definitely not on your own.

It’s true: Online Lead Generation is one of the greatest profit opportunities available to modern businesses… if used right

Whilst being an opportunity there are MAJOR RISKS in undertaking more Online Marketing:

Increased Complexity
kchartEach week online lead generation becomes more competitive and complex. Google AdWords, SEO, Video marketing, conversion tracking are becoming more challenging and now there is social media marketing on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.
Analysis Confusion
kexiThere is no recommended approachto being successful online and each week brings more options with confusing messages. It is hard to know which advice you can trust and what your online strategy should be. Your time is better focused upon your business
Snake Oil
man3Most ‘online consultants’ promise much but focus on short term hit-or-miss tactics without understanding your business. You really want a focus on more quality leads, paying customers and higher profits in a well thought out plan rather than the latest tactic.

Fortunately, there are ways to control these risks and develop an effective plan. Most Internet Consultancies want to sell you a specific service, the one that they focus upon. We think that’s ineffective and most times not successful. WHY?

They Focus on Short Term Tactics…
And not on an Integrated Customer Focused Lead Generation Strategy

Business owners and online marketing managers face a real problem with this quick win thinking.

You become aware that online lead generation is becoming too diverse and specialised to continue to run the marketing campaigns in-house, so you approach the ‘experts’. And what do they advise you?

  • The web designer says, “you need a new website and it will generate more customers for you”.
  • The SEO specialist says, “in 6 to 12 months we will aim to get you to the top of Google”.
  • The Google AdWords expert says, “SEO cannot be guaranteed… give us a budget and we will get you on page 1 for Google for some search terms”.
  • The social media new arrival states, “SEO is no longer effective, Adwords is too competitive. You need to connect with a new audience on Facebook and Twitter, and in time your new community will be valuable.”

Many of these ‘tactics’ have their place… within a holistic plan.

Unfortunately, implemented in isolation they are less than effective at helping you meet your business goals and do not produce highly-qualified sales leads resulting in more valuable customers for your business on a regular and planned basis.

Without that coordinated plan conflicting tactics result in a great deal of activity spending money without achieving the sought after end result. Meanwhile your competitors continue to make progress.

And so you find yourself back to square one or worse:
Confused, Lacking in Progress, Frustrated.

Its easy to feel like that when you read about other similar companies enjoying great success online, and know you could too, if only all these ‘initiatives’ were pulled together into an effective online plan.

We’ve managed large online businesses and seen how results can be achieved. We have also observed many business owners and sales directors confronted with the latest ineffective tactical offers over many years. Learning from success and watching others challenges we have developed a comprehensive, integrated lead & sales generation approach that not is well thought through but also performs in real life business situations.

How is our Approach To Customer Lead Generation & Conversion Different?

  • Diagnosis before activity: we ensure we understand your business targets and current position before recommending a plan to grow your online business. This plan will be specific to your business not a copy and paste version from a template plan.
  • Once the approach to creating traffic is established it is flowed through into a lead conversion plan. The end goal is important and good leads only flow from targeted traffic sources. This integrated approach ensures we focus on the typical constrains that inhibit your online results.
  • Our campaigns are optimised for more business profit, not just “more traffic” without the benefits. Improved visibility and traffic are a good first step but are worthless if they do not convert to leads and sales.
  • Higher QUALITY leads and new customers or clients. By focusing on a target Client Profile(s) and developing visitors aligned with this profile we attract new leads who want and can afford to pay what you charge… they are also more responsive to future offers and more valuable long term customers.
  • A targeted sales proposition, aligned to our Conversion framework. This enhances your likely success by developing a Unique Selling Proposition specifically targeted to your ideal customer’s preferences and emotional triggers.
  • More cost effective cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale outcomes by reducing what’s NOT working and focusing upon what is working.
  • Accountability for online lead generation results. We believe in regular communication and progress updates whilst maintaining the agreed outcomes. We DON’T view you as the “project manager” of your own online channel activities reporting to us, or require you to keep chasing to understand what actions have been completed.

We let you focus on your own priorities. whilst we deliver to highly valuable online leads to you.

Which companies are best suited to partner with us?

We view clients as partners so having an effective partnership is very important to us. These are some of the qualities exhibited by our most successful client relationships:

  • You have accepted that online lead generation is important for your business and is an important part of your marketing plans. We work with believers and cannot divert our energy to convince you that online marketing can be very valuable.
  • You promote good-quality products or services which are in demand by customers. (We can channel traffic to your products and services but we cannot create customer demand where it does not already exist)
  • You appreciate that to be successful online you need to follow through on a marketing strategy. If you just want some tactical initiatives implemented there are many other providers who already do that.
  • You believe your business is able to increase its online revenue by 150,000 Pounds over the next year – even if you do not have the knowledge or plans in place to deliver on this, and…
  • Achieving this growth in online revenue is a high priority for your business development at the moment.

If this describes your business we would be delighted to speak to you to review how we can work with you.

And Which companies are not best suited to work with us?

  • We are effective but not miracle workers so, as you would expect, there are some types of businesses that we’re not able to help. If any of the following points describe your business we regret that we would not make great partners:
  • If you have recently started your business, do not have a well developed business model or don’t have revenue from existing customers. That’s not to say we cannot work together in the future and help your business to grow when the time is right.
  • If the economy has hit your business hard and drastic “turn around” measures are required to regularise the cash flow and cost base. Of course once the situation has been stabilised we may be able to help you to grow from a more solid base.
  • If your business is in MLM or network marketing as they are a bad fit for our approach. And it would just be a bad fit if you were in gambling and those adult type of businesses.
  • If you have not bought into the benefits of online marketing and need to be convinced that it would be beneficial for your business. We don’t devote time and resources convincing businesses of this, the Internet is now a part of all business activities.

No hard feelings if any of the above apply… it just best to recognise that we would not be well suited.

If you’re still reading this page then the time is here to ask…
“OK, What’s do I do next?”

If you want more information on how we can work with you to deliver an on-going supply of quality leads and suitable clients via the Internet there are a number of steps you can take now:

  • As an immediate step Sign up for our free email training guide, 7 Steps to Significantly increase Your Online Sales Leads. This valuable information will show you how you can take proven, practical and effective strategies to develop more leads and sales with lower marketing costs.
  • Contact us to schedule a FREE telephone Strategy Session. We have helped many businesses increase their online revenues with our online lead generation. We would be pleased to help you define a plan to progress from your current activities to where you want to be, structured with defined milestones that fit your available budget.